Naturalization - Citizenship Question #general

Jan Groshan <jangro@...>

I have found four listings (3 for Petitioner and 1 for a Declaration of
Intent) for the name Abe/Abraham Meyerson in the Eastern District of New
York. Without having to spend $15 for each search, is there a way I can
determine which, if any, of these are the Abraham Meyerson I'm looking for?
His arrival to this country was i 1904 and the dates of the Petitions were
1926, 1927 and 1933.

Name Given
Name Year Petition
Volume Petition
Number Soundex
Meyerson Abe 1927 308 89311 M625
Meyerson Abraham 1933 183137 M625
Meyerson Abraham 1926 56997 M625

Declaration: Abraham Meyerson, Bronx County, No. 87616