Cost of copies from National Archives in NYC #general

Sandy Malek

Stan Goodman wrote:
$.50/page is the price for making Xerox copies on their machine when you are
there doing it yourself. I think the price for ordering a page is $10.

It is 50 cents per page even if they make the copies for you and mail them,
at least to US addresses. The $10 charge if you order >from the National
Archives is a minimum mail order charge. It covers 20 pages at 50 cents per page.
Therefore, you can order perhaps three sets of immigration documents (which
will normally include Petition for Naturalization, Declaration of Intent and
Certificate of Arrival) for the initial $10 charge. If you are ordering more
at the same time, it is charged at 50 cents per page over the minimum $10

One of the archivists in NYC took the trouble to write to me and explain how
this works as he returned a check I had sent which was way too large. I was
relying on the calculation of fee posted at which implies
that the cost is $10 per request.

So, unless you are in a huge hurry, send your request by mail, as it is
cheaper than the online cost. And the NYC branch of NARA has been responding
within about two weeks with full documentation.

Sandy Malek
Los Angeles, California

Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

For ordering a record , it is $10 , not per page.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ