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mimi simon

Hello Genners,
A very kind Genner found my paternal grandfather's
Ellis Island manifest for me. The first name was
different but we determined that it is my grandfather
because of his age, the date of arrival, and the ship
on which he arrived. However, a new question arose,
namely the name of the town he listed as where he came
from. I have been unable to find the town of Koposi
either in Hungary or in Ukraine, which is where his
birthplace, Ordarma, is now located (Storozhnitsa,
Ukr.). Has anyone heard of this town?
My other question concerns a possible visit to my
maternal grandmother's birthplace. We may be in
Budapest in early May and were contemplating hiring a
driver to take us to Keked, Hungary, 125 miles
northeast of Budapest, at the Slovakia border. Does
anyone know whether this is something that could be
done round-trip in one day? In other words, are the
roads good enough that the drive could be accomplished
in a reasonable amount of time?
If this is feasible, I would like to obtain some
information on the location (if it still exists) of my
great grandfather's inn and farm. Where should I
write to obtain information?
I hope this e-mail is posted because I have had some
rejected for appearing in something other than plain
text. I have followed the directions sent to me by
the list manager but they are not appropriate for my
system, apparently, because I have not been able to
correct the problem. Any suggestions?
Please contact me privately unless the moderator
deems otherwise.
Thank you all.
Mimi (Weiss) Simon
Teaneck, NJ

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