23,000 New Kaunas Uyezd Group Records! #general

Rabbi Ben-Zion Saydman <ravbenzi@...>

Shalom KUGels and Litvaks Everywhere:

Kaunas Uyezd Group (KUG) has just been offered the chance to acquire 23,000
translated Internal Passport documents >from Kaunas City and District. The
years included are 1919 - 1940 when Lithuania was an independent country for
the first time. The geographic breakdown is as follows:

City of Kaunas - 19,062; Kaunas Uyezd - 3,152; Jonava - 840. This is over
23,000 documents. Gevaldik! For a full explanation please refer to

Please note that the term "City of Kaunas" may not be limited to Kaunas City
dwellers. While the applications were filed in the city of Kaunas, many of
the applicants lived in towns and villages in the Kaunas district and
elsewhere. This information is included in the translation of the
applications. The surnames are listed with the Lithuanian spelling and also
with the English transliteration in square brackets. The search engine will
find either spelling when the database is searched. Additional surnames are
included, mainly in the Maiden Name column. A good example is line 2925 -
KA2652 - BRAUNER - maiden name, SOLSKY. She was born in Jonava but filed
her application in Kaunas. She apparently also lived in Kaunas because she
is not listed in the Jonava internal passport records. This is the
advantage of being able to see all of the records in an Excel spreadsheet.
Kaunas Internal Passport records are chock full of genealogical data and we
just found 23,000 of them! Not too shabby, as my father, z"l, used to say.

Should any other Litvaks in Litvakland have a bissel gelt left over *after*
their Pesach shopping, and should they wish to support this project,
please accept our thanks for your continued support.

Chag Kasher v'Sameach. A Zissen Pesach. Please accept my warm wishes for a
very Happy Passover. Next Year in Jerusalem!

Rabbi Ben-Zion Saydman
Chief KUGel

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