Jewish Community in Ireland #general

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Hi Jewishgenners

In response to the article by Jan Meisels Allen, as follows

" While we may not think many Jewish ancestors came >from Ireland, remember
some may have stopped in Ireland on their route to Canada or the United
States. Therefore it is worth checking the database"

I would like to say that I am Jewish and >from Ireland, although I have
lived in South Africa now for the past 48 years, and there was a thriving
community there, at its peak in the 1950's with approximately 5,000 Jews
living there. They lived in the main cities like Dublin, Cork, and Belfast
(Northern Ireland) but also in other smaller towns as well.

Our collective Grandparents came over >from Lithuania, and Latvia (as well as
a few families >from Mid Europe) and settled there.

There is still a Jewish community in Dublin, with Rabbi LENT (a Chabad
couple, Zalmond and Rifky LENT) as their Rabbi, and whilst it is not the
thriving community it once was, (in numbers), it is still a wonderful

I would also like to mention, that my very good friend >from Dublin, Stuart
ROSENBLATT, has a database of every single solitary Jew who ever took a
breath on the shores of Ireland (aka "the oul sod") . This database has
over 45,000 names and I have Stuart's permission to give his email address
to anyone who would like to contact him [see note below -- Mod.]

Sincerly (and "Up the Irish"!!!!)

Anne Lapedus BREST (ex Dublin, Ireland) Sandton, South Africa

Researching - LAPEDUS and KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania). MARCUS and FELDMAN
(Ackmene, Lithuania), KLOPMAN/KLAPMAN,(Silmalas, Latvia). SHILLMAN, BENSON,
SEIDER (Krustpils, Latvia ], MIRRELSON (Kurshan, Courland, Latvia) , BREST
(Bauska, Latvia) , ORKIN (Zagere, Lithuania) CHAVIN and CHEIN (Zagare,
Lithuania) GILINSKY (Daugavpils/Dvinsk, Latvia) and GAYER/GAER (near Chelm,
Poland) and NASATIR (Lithuania)

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