Historical research questions #general

Anna Olswanger <anna.olswanger@...>

I am writing a novel based on my genealogy research. If anybody has
done research that would answer the following questions, could you
contact me offline:

1. How might have emigrants on their way to the port of Bremen >from
Russia/Lithuania contracted cholera? What would they have eaten or
drunk? Where might they have been staying when they got ill? In an inn
along the way?

2. What was the situation of young Jewish men and the Czar's army
around 1891? What age group was being drafted? For how long? Did being
drafted mean the end of being Jewish for these young men?

3. If Jewish boys left Russia/Lithuania without passports, what would
have happened if the authorities in East Prussia (this would have been
along the way to the port of Bremen) done if they had discovered the
boys? Arrested them? Extradited them to Lithuania (Czarist Russia)?
And then what would have happened back in Czarist Russia? Would they
have been jailed?

Thanks if anybody can help me with this.

Anna Olswanger