Siblings in New York early 20th century: same or different mothers? #general

Dana Krug

Fellow JewishGeners,

We have been trying to find the name of the mother of my GGM and
five of her brothers. They all had the same father, but we believe
that some of them had different mothers. We have the New York
marriage certificates for each of the siblings (except for one).
They were all married between 1900 and 1925 in New York City.

My great grandmother's New York marriage certificate states her
mother as Anna Heiman. One brother's New York death certificate
says Feiga Samuels; another one's New York marriage certificate
says Suhi Janis (it is hard to decipher). A third brother's New
York marriage certificate says Simina (as the first name, or
something like that). And it appears that a fourth brother's New
York marriage certificate says Simina too, although not sure if
that is the maiden name of the mother or her first name. How can
we figure out which siblings had the same mother? What
documentation should we try to obtain?

Thanks for any help. Please reply privately.

Dana Krug
Princeton Jct., NJ
researching Aderschlager, Gissen, Bierman, Berkowitz (Pilsen area),
Harris, Harrison, Munsky, Schoenfeld (Iasi area) and Krug

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