Is Stucines the town of Studenets, Belarus? #general

Bob Roudman

Hello Geners,

Just received a death certificate listing the place of birth as "Stucines"
(with a "c"). Stucines is also given as the deceased's parents place of
birth. The person is Eva Stodsky Slavetsky, and her parents are Benjamin
Stodsky and Mollie Jelitzsky Stodsky. Eva's brother Harry Stodsky gives his
birthplace as Vilna (Vilnius). I am not sure of which town Stucines is
exactly. The Jewish Gen data base lists two possibilities, Studenets in
Belarus, and Studenitsa in Ukraine. I am bothered by the d which is not in
the death certificate spelling. The town name was spelled three times, once
for the deceased and for both parents. I am inclined to go with the Belarus
location as Eva's brother was apparently born relatively closer in Vilnius
than to the Ukraine location. I am also unsure of if these locations are
correct given the different spelling. Any suggestions would be very much
Thank you,
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

David Rubin

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Eva's brother Harry Stodsky gives his birthplace as Vilna (Vilnius).
I am not sure of which town Stucines is exactly.

As we have mentioned before, if you can not find a town in
the Shtetl Seeker, you can search for it in the SIG databases.

We searched the Belarus database and found a record for a
Stuchin in Lido. And then the All Lithuania Database and
found a Stucina in Uezd Lida. So we brought up the
Shtetls Of Lithuania page at:

and selected Uezd Lida, in Vilnius Gubernia.
And on the Lida Homepage we selected, towns, which
took us to

One of the towns is Shtutchin also know as
Szczuczyn//Scucyn/Suicin/Shchuchin which is now in Belarus.

There is a link there to get information on this town.
including family/surname and other data.

Possibly if you look through the information,
Stucina, Shtutchin might be the Stucines you are looking for.

David Rubin and Mrs. Rubin

bette_sscf <bette_sscf@...>

Bob Roudman is trying to identify the town of Stucines, birthplace of Eva
STODSKY, whose brother Harry was born in Vilna.

In the 1900 census, nephews Harry and Max Stodsky are living with the Tobias
KOSOFSKY family. Based on JewishGen Family Finder listings for Kosofsky, the
Stodsky ancestral town is likely Shchuchyn, Belarus. Shchuchyn was in Lida
district of Vilna province before WWI and is located 77.7 miles SSW of
Vilnius. Perhaps the two Kosofsky researchers can provide further
information on the family connection. The Shchuchin Yizkor Book contains
numerous STOTSKY listings.

Researching collateral family members can often lead to the information you

Good luck with your research, Bob!
Bette Mas
Florida USA