Researching MOROSHOHK family in Passaic,New Jersey and cemetetery in Garfield, New Jersey #general

Marilyn Nathanson

I recently learned that my great grandfather Zelick MAISEL, who
arrived in 1907, was sponsored by his brother-in-law Abram MOROSOHK of
Passaic New Jersey (thanks to great help >from Barbara Zimmerman).
I've been in touch with his 94-year-old grandson Irving,who states his
grandparents (he can't remember his grandmother's name - but the
census says Annie and my great aunt called her Neshie) lived in
Passaic and he says they are buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Garfield,
New Jersey. Lots of his memories coincide with the memories of my one
living great aunt. Does anyone know the name and phone of a cemetery
in Garfield (very close to Passaic street) - and is anyone close
enough that they would be willing to take photographs? I'm also
looking for descendants. I understand that Abram and Annie (Neshie?)
had a son David (Irving's father), daughter Anne and daughter Sarah.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Nathanson
Farmington Hills, Michigan

John Simmons


You could try contacting the folk with this page to ask about Garfield

It is a local Passaic/ Clifton Jewish News Blog

John Simmons
Wales UK originaly >from New Jersey