Researching MOROSHOHK family in Passaic,New Jersey and cemetetery in Garfield, New Jersey #general

John Simmons


You could try contacting the folk with this page to ask about Garfield

It is a local Passaic/ Clifton Jewish News Blog

John Simmons
Wales UK originaly >from New Jersey

Marilyn Nathanson

I recently learned that my great grandfather Zelick MAISEL, who
arrived in 1907, was sponsored by his brother-in-law Abram MOROSOHK of
Passaic New Jersey (thanks to great help >from Barbara Zimmerman).
I've been in touch with his 94-year-old grandson Irving,who states his
grandparents (he can't remember his grandmother's name - but the
census says Annie and my great aunt called her Neshie) lived in
Passaic and he says they are buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Garfield,
New Jersey. Lots of his memories coincide with the memories of my one
living great aunt. Does anyone know the name and phone of a cemetery
in Garfield (very close to Passaic street) - and is anyone close
enough that they would be willing to take photographs? I'm also
looking for descendants. I understand that Abram and Annie (Neshie?)
had a son David (Irving's father), daughter Anne and daughter Sarah.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Nathanson
Farmington Hills, Michigan