NYC Divorce Papers #general

Isabel Cymerman

Dear Genners,
I was able to view divorce papers that are generally sealed for 100
years by showing the court that the couple had no children, the couple
themselves were deceased and I was their only living relative. I
applied to the "Ex-Parte" division of the court. I made the application
myself. Most lawyers I spoke to didn't know how to do this. (True)
The judge ruled I could have access to the divorce papers and with that
permission I went "across the street" to Old Records and the clerk
pulled the case for me.

Good luck.

Isabel Cymerman
Roxbury, CT

A. E. Jordan

Other side of the river so to speak ... but in New Jersey I was able to get
at divorce papers in less than 100 years and without going to the Court.

I had to work with the Archives in Trenton but they got them for me and I
went to the reading room and sat there reading papers dating to 1911-1913.
They made photocopies of anything I wanted too.

It was fun reading because in those days there was no such thing as a no
fault divorce. Each time they filed papers the charges get more and more
outlandish but they also say things like I do not read English and they talk
about cousins who introduced them to each other, parties they attended at
cousins houses and alike.

It made for a great day of reading for me.

Allan Jordan