Erie, PA 1915-1922 #general

Kipp Dawson <kippmdawson@...>

Looking for information on the Jewish community in Erie, PA during
the first three decades of the 20th century. In particular, seeking
information on Jewish participation in the socialist and communist
movements of that time, as well as on anti-Semitic organizations and
attacks on Jews during this period of time.

My grandparents were immigrants in Erie at the time. My grandfather,
Herschel/Herman Morthilus(sp?)/Martius was murdered in my grandparents'
dry goods store there in April of 1922. His murderer(s) was/were never
caught. My grandmother believed the murder was among the anti-Semitic,
anti-foreigner, anti-socialist violent acts of that period in that area.
While the press first printed rumors that my grandmother had organized
the murder, they quickly went on to report allegations that it was a
political act.

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Kipp Dawson
Pittsburgh, PA
from Lodz to Erie, PA, New York City, and Wasington, DC; and
POSEY in Los Angeles.