BERGBAUM - possible family connection from the Bronx #general

bette_sscf <bette_sscf@...>

In response to Chris Gould's post, I wrote: < The Shoreshim Krakow ID
Applications database lists Lea BERGBAUM, born Krakow, and Icek Wolf
BERGBAUM, born Przemysl. Since your BERGBAUM family is >from Lodz, Russia, in
my opinion they are probably not related to the BERGBAUM family from
Przemysl, Austria/Poland. >

My thanks to Renee Stern Steinig for pointing out that Izak Bergbaum was not
born in Przemysl (as noted in Shoreshim's Krakow database), but rather in
Przysucha, in Radom gubernia of Russian Poland.

JRI-Poland indexed the 1902 marriage in Przysucha of Szmul Bergbaum and
Necha Szlamowicz, matching Isak's town and parents on Lola Bergman's Page of

Since Icek Wolf Bergbaum in Krakow was born in Russia, not Austria, this
reverses my conclusion about a probable connection.

Bette Mas
Florida USA