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Good Day,

I am researching my paternal family with the surname Queen, which I am led to
believe was changed >from Cohen. My paternal grandfather William was born between
1917 - 1920 and died in 1979. I do not have any other information apart from
being told that we are >from the Cohens. I am not sure when or why our surname was
changed. My grandparents lived in Glasgow Scotland.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Kindest regards
Lorna Queen

Joseph Hirschfield

Lorna.Brophy@... writes:
"...we are >from the Cohens."

Being ">from the Cohens" may not necessarily mean your family's surname was Cohen
before it was Queen. It may mean merely that your ancestry traces back to Aaron,
brother of Moses. Aaron became the first Israelite high priest, and all his male
children and all their descendents in perpetuity were designated to be priests in
the Jewish religion. These male descendents were and are known as Kohens and many
but not all took the surname "Cohen" and its variant spellings.

Joseph Hirschfield
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