Jewish conscription in 1800s #general


Hi Genners

One of my ancestors appears on a Telsai-Skuodas Military List for 1871 he is aged
47 (34 on previous revision) he is the head of a household.

Does his appearence on this list indicate that he was still in the army, or
that he was some kind of reserve. If he was conscripted at 12 that would have
been around 1835 and left after 25 years he would have left in 1860 aged 37.

Would his army record be available anywhere?

I think he was >from Skuodas originally as his father is on the 1816 RL, would
he have been taken away >from there to be in the army and likely married and had
his children elsewhere also whilst in the army? His children were born in the
mid between around 18503 and 1860.

Thanks as always

Ben Forman
Manchester UK

searching: BENSON: Courland; BERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakai, CAHN/WOLF: Koeln;
FURMAN: Kaluszyn; GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk; SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen;