SHUCHMAN Obits - help requested #general

Marie Spearman

Harry SHUCHMAN died 5 January 1948 and wife Clara Lemovitz Shuchman died 17
October 1979. I've found their burial at Mount Lebanon Cemetery online
( but have not been successful in finding

I received Harry's death certificate >from the Borough of Brooklyn this week.
He was 57, a tinsmith, born in Russia, father David, and mother Genee/Genu
Shapiro. Informant was a daughter, Ruth Kapperman?? Or K???erman - looks
like 2 p's but no discernable vowel between the K and first p.

No birth date on Harry's death certificate, but on his WWII draft
registration card, birth date is 15 May 1889; place Kiev, Russia. On most
records found thus far his and Clara's residence is consistently *** 5th
Avenue, Brooklyn.

Clara's birth on her Petition for Naturalization is 30 November 1892, Kiev,
Russia. She stated she was m. 30 July 1916 at Brooklyn, but marriage
certificate just received is dated 30 July 1917. On her Petition two
daughters are listed: Ethel, b. 6 January 1918 and Ruth, b. 31 March 1921.
This Petition was filed 24 July 1925.

In the 1930 census, a third daughter is listed, Gertrude, age 8 months.

I do have a request into the Brooklyn Public Library via the Ask A Librarian
service. I had a live-chat session with a volunteer who sent my request to
the Brooklyn library to ascertain if anyone there could look for newspaper
obits or death notices.

But in the meantime, direction >from members of this list will be greatly

Marie Mx Spearman
Washington state

Diane Jacobs

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery database is online and easy to search by surname
And burial society.

You will also find Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron, Mt. Ararat & Mt. Carmel online.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

Two sources immediately come to mind:
1) has scanned the entire
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
2) Go to your local library and see if they have an account with the
New York Times Digital Archive, or something similar.

Zev Griner

Ira Leviton

Dear Cousins,

Marie Spearman is seeking help in finding descendants of Harry SHUCHMAN and
his wife Clara. She has lots of hints, such as the names of three daughters
from the 1930 census, Clara's naturalization, Harry's death certificate, and
their burial location. Unfortunately Harry's death certificate has an imprecise
married name for their daughter Ruth, the informant.

Two immediate things came to mind. Marie should call Mount Lebanon Cemetery
where they are buried, and ask them to look at their records for both. They may
have a different next of kin, or the correct surname of Ruth.

Also, a quick check of the New York City brides index using Ethel as an exact
first name and the sounds like option for Shuchman as the last name gives an
Ethel Schuchmann, married Feb 28, 1937 in Brooklyn, certificate no. 3625. The
groom is listed as Milton J Brode. Of course it may not be spellled correctly,
and I don't know if she was the 'proper; age to get married in1937, but there's a
possibble married name for Ethel.

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.