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<< But during WWII he would have gotton
This document would give you all the information you are searching
for. >>

My grandfather was Naturalized early in the century, but my grandmother never
became a citizen until the 1960's. They were married when my grandfather
became a citizen. Would my grandmother been required to register? If so, this
maight help my search, as she never could remember what date and ship she
arrive on. I believe she was Naturalized under a special rule for such

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA
Researching >from Pultusk, Poland: Niestempover, Karas/Karsh,
Kierszenbaum, Blinkitny,
Researching >from Polonnoye/Labun, Ukraine: Baranshteyn, Bommelman

Doug Cohen

Anyone born in the US, even if to aliens, is a US citizen, automatically.
Prior to a date I don't know (but I thought it was pre-1910), citizenship
followed the husband. A native US born citizen who married an alien lost
her US citizenship, and would become naturalized when (if) her husband was
naturalized. But that changed early in the 20th century. After 1922, a
wife was no longer automatically naturalized when her husband was -- she had
to pursue her own naturalization. Hope that helps.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

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Regarding this thread, could a wife be required to be naturalized under
her husband even if native born? ....... My aunt claims her mother
(my grandmother) had to become naturalized when my grandfather was,
even tho she was U.S. born, and she has seen paperwork to that effect.
I have found nothing in my research............
Could a wife lose her citizenship by marrying an alien?...........

Bob Bogash
Hansville, Washington


Robert and fellow researchers,

If you go to the following website, run by the now U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Service,
it states:
"After passage of an Act of February 10, 1855, immigrant women
were able to acquire U.S. citizenship without naturalization.
They became citizens upon marriage to a U.S. citizen husband,
or upon their husband’s naturalization. Like children, who
since 1790 acquired citizenship upon the naturalization of a
parent, women derived citizenship >from their husbands. A 1907
law took this concept further by providing that all U.S.-born
women who married aliens would lose their U.S. citizenship
upon marriage. It was not until 1922 that women’s citizenship
was separated >from that of their husbands. For more details,
see the history of women and naturalization on the Website of
the National Archives and Records Administration."

Bob Bogash wrote in part:

"Regarding this thread, could a wife be required to be naturalized under
her husband even if native born?..........
Could a wife lose her citizenship by marrying an alien?".........

Robert Silverstein
Aurora, CO


Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In response to Milton Botwinick's inquiry about how to obtain SA
naturalizations, I suggest the following:

1. Determine when your ancestor might have come to SA and the possible
period then when naturalization might have occurred.

2. If the time period was during 1903-1907, the SA SIG web site has a
database I prepared for some 999 naturalizations in the Cape Colony, .

It also can be found in the SA Jewish Rootsbank database, .

3. You can look up your ancestor in the SA National Archives daabase and
see if their naturalization record or even their immigration papers are
contained there,

4. You can go to the SA SIG web site,,
and look up how to order naturalizations, and also go to the JewishGen
InfoFile on South Africa prepared by Dr. Saul Issroff at or which will provide the
address of the Archives.

5. You can also lookup applications for naturalizations for the Cape Colony
to be found in the Mormon Family History Center's South African microfilms,
also discussed by Roy Ogus for the period 1883-1911on the SA SIG web site, Other materials
relating to naturalization are also to be found there.

Ann Rabinowitz


I have a Petition for Naturalization for Miriam ARKIN aka Maria FALKENFLICK born
March 29 1924. This is the wrong Miriam for me. I will happily send it/scan it to
anyone who wants it.

Anita Rosan Arkin

Searching for:AGUSHEVITZ, KRUPENIA & CHEPALAPKA Slonim & Ruzany; ARKIN Skidel,
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Latvia: FLUG, FLAGG Lublin, SIDERMAN Kiev

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