Viewmate -- German translation #general

Brian Lehman <blrrcn@...>

I am calling your attention to the link below, Viewmate # VM19673. It is
the 1893 marriage record for my Great Great Grandparents, David Moses
Schuster and Rachel Mendelowitz. She was married in Mielnica and this
record probably represents a civil marriage as they have several
children born in the 1870's. I am asking for a translation of the
handwriting, I think its German.
I am looking for addresses and occupations and am especially interested
in the last paragraph, would there be a reference to the bride as being
divorced,widowed some sort of second marriage for her? I expected the
grooms name to be Lehman and trying to figure out why he is named Schuster.
I would appreciate any help offered.
Thank you,
Brian Lehman