GOLDBERG -- finding correct ship manifest #general

Diane De Milt

On January 1, 2012 one of the members advised me that my grandfather,
Bernhard/Bernhardt GOLDBERG ,age 16 came to the US on the SS Friesland on
September 1891. Since then I have tried to get a copy of the papers on the
Ellis Island site, and www.theshipslist site, but he never comes up. Is
there anyone who can send me a copy of the manifest? He came with Louis
Goldberg, age 20. We have no idea who Louis is either and this is so very
frustrating that I might have some relatives on my grandfathers side and
no one knows of them
Thanks you for any help in this matter
Diane De Milt
Tucson, arizona

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Much easier than using the Ellis Island site is using,
but since the Ellis Island web site starts in 1892, and your ancestor
came in 1891, you wouldn't find the passenger list there. With
stevenmorse you can access the manifest (All Ships Lists) and look
through the whole list for any ship since 1820.

There is also a site,, which might help.

If you subscribe to Ancestry, you can see if your ancestors come up on
that, but if you did, you wouldn't be asking. Also check the Hamburg
Passenger Lists at Ancestry too. They can give you different
information than the US passenger list does.

Since they came to the US as Louis and Bernard they must have lived in
the UK or some other English speaking country for long enough to have
taken English names. Some people lived in the UK for years before coming
to the US, and I guess some just stayed there.

Sally Bruckheimer
Piscataway, NJ