New website from the Rauh Jewish Archives #general


The Rauh Jewish Archives invites you to visit a new website, A Tradition ofGiving:
The History of Jewish Philanthropy in Pittsburgh (,
which traces the development of social services in the Pittsburgh Jewish
community. The website uses documents, photographs, and oral histories >from
the archival collections of synagogues, organizations, and families to tell the
story of how the Pittsburgh Jewish community responded to the needs of Jews in
Pittsburgh and beyond.

Genealogists with Pittsburgh Jewish connections can consult the website as a
resource for information about Jewish organizations and individuals active in
the charitable work of the community >from the 1840's to the present.

The website also serves as a portal to both digital and conventional collections
of the Rauh Jewish Archives, as well as those of other local institutions.

Susan M. Melnick
Archivist, Rauh Jewish Archives