Gesher Galicia - modern town names for the new databases #general

Asparagirl <asparagirl@...>

Pamela Weisberger already posted about the ten new databases that were just added
to the Gesher Galicia "All Galicia Database" (AGD) at but I just wanted to provide a listing of the
modern day Ukrainian town names of the databases' primary towns, since they are
sometimes significantly different than the old Austrian/Polish town names:

- Bukaczowce Homeowners List (1848) -- this is now Bukachivtsi, Ivano-Frankivs'ka
oblast, Ukraine
- Drohobycz Homeowners Lists (1879) and (1880) -- this is now Drohobych, L'vivs'ka
oblast, Ukraine
- Gliniany Homeowners List (1845) -- this is now Hlyniany, L'vivs'ka oblast,
- Grzymalow Jewish Marriages (1942) -- this is now Hrymailiv, Ternopil's'ka oblast,
- Halicz Homeowners List (1875) -- this is now Halych, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast,
- Kalusz Homeowners List (1850) -- this is now Kalush, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast,
- Mosciska Homeowners List (1852) -- this is now Mostyska, L'vivs'ka oblast,
- Tarnopol Jewish Death Records (1941-1942) and Marriage Records (1942) -- this is
now Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine

I also wanted to reiterate Pamela's point that many people listed in the Tarnopol
marriage and death records >from the 1940's were not originally >from Tarnopol, but
were interned in its ghetto anyway. These towns include, for the grooms:
Bazar (Jagielnica District); Chmielnik; Chorostkow; Czestochowa; Dubowa;
Grzymalow; Jezierna; Kobyla; Kolomyja; Kozowa; Kremenets; Kupczynce; Kupiczwola;
Lezajsk (Lancut District); Lwow; Marjana; Pabjanice [Pabianice]; Podolinec;
Slovakia; Radom; Radomysl Wielki; Ratyszcze; Selmeczbanya, Hungary; Sloboda Zlota;
Smykowce; Sorocko; Szofienice, Upper Silesia; Tarnow; Touste (Skalat District);

And for the brides:
Brody; Budzanow; Dresden, Germany; Jankowce; Jaworow; Kiev; Kolomyja; Kopyczynce;
Monasterzyska; Podhajce; Sieciechow; Szumsk; Uchanie (Hrubieszow District); Vienna;
Zalozce; Zbaraz; Zborow

In other words, just because you "know" that your family was >from Some Little Town,
that doesn't mean that you might not find some relatives who, for whatever reason,
wound up in the records of Some Big City, even if that Big City was pretty far
away. This was especially true during wartime.

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Los Angeles, California