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My wife's family tree starts with Benjamin COHEN and his wife, Mary Hoigh. Ben and
Mary lived in Manchester, England, and had seven children:
Solomon (b. 1862)
Rachel (b. 1864, d. 1890)
Miriam (Mini) (b. 1866)
Aron Lyons (b. 1871)
Rebecca (Brynah) (b. 1874, d. 1954) (my wife's grandmother)
Jacob (Jack) (b. 1877)
Samuel (b. 1880)

Also on the family tree is a Laish COHEN who died in 1933. We do not know who his
parents were or when he was born. When Laish died, Uncle Jack returned >from South
Africa to settle his affairs. Uncle Jack was always called that in the family, but
Laish was not referred to as Uncle Laish. We are now guessing that Laish and Aron
Lyons are the same person and the brother of Uncle Jack.

Stephen G. Esrati
Dayton, Ohio

Meron Lavie

Layish is an exotic Hebrew word for lion. That's the only connection I can think


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