Brick wall help: ROSENFELD #general

Lisa Cohn

I've been trying to get around a brick wall regarding my great-grandmother,
Charlotte (Sharlotta) Rosenfeld COHN. I know she married into the Cohn family
of Botosani, Romania, but it appears she's not >from there. I'd like to know
more about the Rosenfelds, where they were from, etc. I have a couple of leads:

A couple of years ago, I found a Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem for her
daughter, Rosika Cohn LITMAN. The Page of Testimony was filled out by a Rivka
GRUENBERG who was living in Bat Yam, Israel, in 1957. Rivka said she was a
cousin. I searched a little further to see who else Rivka filled out Pages of
Testimony for. She also filled one out for Marcel Rosenfeld, listing him as a
cousin as well. Marcel Rosenfeld died on the Struma.

If I can find out where Marcel or Rivka came from, maybe I can find some hints
for Charlotte. I've considered perhaps finding a biography of the Struma victims
that might be able to tell me where Marcel Rosenfeld was from.
Or perhaps some immigration records regarding Rivka Gruenberg of Bat Yam,
Israel, that might say where she was from.

I'm not sure how to proceed. Does anyone have any ideas?

Lisa Cohn
ROSENFELD, LITMAN, COHN - Romania (Botosani, Novoselitsa, Chernovitz)
COHEN, SWOFF - Zagare, Lithuania