Maria Van SCHEVENSTEEN/Petrus Van ROOSBOECK #general

sharon Lewis <shazza456@...>

Hello my name is Sharon I joined yesterday and this is the first time I have
posted on here. Please excuse me if I make any mistakes.
I am researching my partner Tony AHRENS family tree his grandmother was
Charlotte Ahrens born Schwann Germany 27th Jan 1906 her son Rainer Ahrens
was born Hamburg 15 Oct 1944. We believe his father was Jewish as he kept a
blanket >from childhood with a star of David on it and he was circumcised.
Pieter Van ROOSBOECK born 18th Sept 1908 born Antwerp is listed as his
father. Bad Arolsen Tracing Agency gave me some information. At one point he
was based in Lohbrugge Hamburg. 27th Sept 1943 to 12 Nov 1943 employed as
civil worker at Elbschloss Brauerei Hamburg 29th June 1944 to 30th April
1945 employed with Friedrich Stamp cooling machines factory Hamburg still
residing Lohbrugge Hamburg. No trace of him after that date.
His parents were Petrus Van Roosboeck born Antwerp 1856 and Maria Van
SCHEVENSTEEN born Antwerp 1864 How do I trace their marriage details and is
Van Schevensteen and Van Roosboeck definitely Jewish names.
Is this a very rare thing a German girl having a relationship with a Jewish
man during WW2??
Would Pieter have been a forced labour worker? Charlotte was anti nazi as
she had books by Hans Peter Wolf and after the war in 1948 she wed a English
Army Sgt and moved to London.
Can anyone help me on how to get more information on Petrus, Maria and

Thank You

Sharon Lewis