Access to Dade Co., Florida Records #general

Ann Rabinowitz

When looking for Florida Marriage and Divorce records you can find them by
going to (Florida Marriage Collection 1822-1875, 1927-2001
and Florida Divorce Index 1927-2001) and then ordering them >from the Vital
Check link there. You can also go to the State of Florida portal for obtaining
these types of records:
They will also tell you to use their official vendor who provides copies which
is Vital Check.
In addition, the Clerk of the Court in each county keeps records.For instance,
when looking for Divorce Records in Dade County, the Clerk of the Court Family
Online Case Search-Record Search site will provide information on the event:

When I looked at the site that Shellie Weiner used,,
the County Recorder's Official Record Search site, I did not find a divorce I
know had Aoccurred. However, when I used the other site mentioned previously,
the divorce came up immediately.

Ann Rabinowitz


Hello, fellow-Genners,

While searching at A**.com, I unexpectedly came across a particular listing >from
the Florida Divorce Index, 1927-2001 for a family member and her first husband
[both deceased now for more than 30 years.] The individuals involved had
not-too-common names so I am sure that, while they lived in the Bronx, this
record pertains to them. The particular index is >from 1949.
Local Case Number for Dade County: 1949 xxx xxxx.

When I look at the Miami-Dade County Clerk's searchable web-site:
no such record is listed although there are other events listed prior to 1949.
I tried using just the surname with a broad range of years - 1941-1950 - no luck.

Would anyone have an explanation? I am interested in obtaining any documentation
related to the dissolution of this marriage - there were 2 children at the time
so it wasn't a simple dissolution [if that even existed at the time.]

If you think that your response would benefit other readers, please post to to
group - otherwise a private response would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA