looking for GLASSMAN in New York #general


I'm looking for three siblings: Sol (or Saul), Sidney, and Bella GLASSMAN who
lived in New York. Bella married a man with the surname FINKELSTEIN. My
great-grandfather Harry GLASSMAN "learned the business" of being a shopkeeper
(ladies stockings and lingerie) >from his uncle who was Sol, Sidney, and Bella's
father. Harry, who was born in Poland, was living in New York in 1912 when he
married Jessie Ellen/Allen. Harry and Jessie moved to Cleveland, but the
families stayed in touch for many years; I have photos of Sol, Sidney, and
Bella >from the 1930's.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I would go about finding information about Sol,
Sidney, Bella, and their parents?

Mindie Kaplan