Palestine Police Records #general

John Berkeley <gluckpast@...>

My sincere thanks to all those who kindly responded to my appeal for information on
where to look for records of those who served with the Jewish section of the
Palestine Police. I've pursued all of the avenues suggested, although without too
much luck so far.

For the benefit of anyone with a similar interest, the British Empire and
Commonwealth Museum, which had some relevant archives, has now closed and in due
course their holdings will be looked after by the Bristol Museums Service. I am
waiting to hear when these might once again be accessed. The archives held by St
Antony's College, Oxford certainly include record cards for the Palestine Police.
However, a search by their most helpful Archivist failed to produce anything as,
apparently, many records were simply destroyed after those concerned had left the
service, although they do have records covering the post-war period.

I'll continue to pursue this and will report any success.

John Berkeley (previously Berkovic)
Warwick, UK

Ann Rabinowitz

Another resource you might try is the book "Major Farran's Hat" by David
Cesarani which provides a discussion of the Palestine Police Force and will give
you an idea of how it operated and was organized. You can view the book on
Google Books in abbreviated form.

Ann Rabinowitz