GENANDES name change #general

arthur siegel

I have been looking in vain for certain records of my
great-grandfather Harry GENANDES, who came to the U.S. c.1900 and who,
I am told, had changed his name at some point after immigration to
Genandes >from some, unknown original surname. Thus, I have been
unable to locate naturalization records (I know >from later census
records that he was naturalized), ship manifest records, or even
marriage records. He most likely changed his name after he got
married, and I haven't even been able to locate such records relating
to his wife. Does anybody have any ideas how to go about puzzling out
what his original surname might have been, in order to finally track
down these records? Nobody in my family has any idea either, so I
don't even really have a starting point. Has anybody else ever come
across this problem?


Arthur Siegel

Lily Kohn <fergiecat@...>

Are there any documents with his mother or father's name on it? I
looked at what I think is his WWI registration card and his closest
relation looks like the surname is spelled slightly different. Could
be clerical error; could be helpful/significant.
Do you know what his wife's maiden name was? You could look for her
marriage record. Do you know >from the census records where he lived?
I would suggest doing a search for an earlier census by location and
first names only. First names of people you believe were in the
family at that time.

Lily Kohn

André Günther

WW1 draft shows W.Genandes as relative. Census ny 1915 shows Wolf
GERANDES under same adress (family shown under Ge n/r andes)

Perhaps is Harrys entry "US-born" a failure?

Andre Guenther Munich Germany