Searching for ancestors of Max LEWINSKY of X Troop #general

Phil <phil@...>


I am new to this group and am searching for any information about a
relative of mine Max LEWINSKY. He changed his name to LADDY/LADDIE as he
joined the 10 Commando (X Troop).

This is the information I have >from the Special Forces website:

Forname: Max
Unit: 10 Commando (X Troop) attached 47 RM Commando
Rank: Private
Number: 6387023
Date of death: 6th June 1944
Age: 32
Gravesite: Hermanville War Cemetery, France 1 .E.2
Additional information:
True name LEWINSKY, Max
Parent unit Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
Born 19.8.1911 Austria
Resided Glamorgan
Husband of Mrs Lewinsky,Aberdovey,Merionethshire
Former 13807180 and 13118619 Private Pioneer Corps
Killed in Action: Normandy

If anyone can help me research his parentage I would be most grateful.

Phil Williams
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK
Family page:

Phil <phil@...>

Many thanks to all who replied to my earlier message - especially Barbara,
Ann, Michael and Martin.

Some leads I have already followed up successfully, others I will follow
up as soon as possible.


Phil Willams