Ukraine SIG - a new small project needing volunteers #general

Janette <janettes@...>

As all of you who read the JewishGen Discussion Group know, Ukraine SIG has no lack
of projects going on. Because we are always brainstorming and attempting to meet
the needs of researchers, we are always thinking up new projects. Some are too
complex to begin before we make headway with the enormous number of translation and
transcription projects that are on our overloaded plate.

A new idea was just bandied about (those who suggested it and refined it will
remain nameless here, but they know who they are). The concept would be to link
each of our town pages to an audio of a native speaker saying the name of the town
in Ukrainian, Russian, and Ukrainian Yiddish.

To organize the project, we would need a volunteer to seek volunteers who speak any
or all of those three languages, who can create three sound files for each town.
Then we will link the sound files to the appropriate town page. The coordinator of
the project would organize the volunteers, assign towns, collect the sound files,
and pass them on to the webmaster to add them to the appropriate pages.

Ultimately, too, we would like to add Cyrillic Russian and Ukrainian (and perhaps,
Yiddish) spellings to the town pages, as well, but one step at a time.

First step - can someone volunteer to coordinate and organize this project? Please
respond privately to me.

Janette Silverman

Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator