Jewish cemeteries in Newark, NJ #general

David W. Perle

Hi, all. Two Newark cemetery questions below, including "Hebrew-Cem nh"
and also Grove Street Cemetery.

I'm trying to track down the resting place of my great-great-grandfather
Henry GOTTLIEB. He died in 1950 in the Newark, NJ area, specifically at
Overbrook Hospital in Cedar Grove. (Which turns out to have been an insane
asylum. Terrific. He was only there for a month. I wonder if it might
have been Alzheimer's or...who knows what!) His death certificate indicates
that he was buried at "Hebrew-Cem" and then what looks like lowercase "nh,"
so it looks like it says "Hebrew-Cem nh." No, it's not a reference to his
body having been sent up to New Hampshire, as it says that the city of
burial was Newark, NJ.

I cannot figure out what cemetery this refers to. I've corresponded with
someone at the Newark Public Library who unfortunately couldn't help with
this. (She looked up cemeteries in the city directory >from that year.)
There's a cemetery maintenance company in that area that has actually been
very helpful with a couple of other matters and the guy who runs it is said
to "know where all the bodies are buried," but I have been unable to get
information about this one.

Other avenues I've taken: There's a woman who's written a book about--of
all things--Newark-area Jewish cemeteries, but she couldn't tell me what
"Hebrew-Cem nh" might have referred to. Also, I contacted the current
incarnation of the funeral-director's company (different name of company but
the same family still runs the business), but they said they have no
information that would help to determine was "Hebrew-Cem nh" would have
referred to at that time. Further, I've scrolled through a week or more's
worth of Newark Evening News and Newark Star-Ledger issues on microfilm
looking for obituaries which might say where he was being buried (plus
anything else interesting), but I didn't find a thing; this seems odd to me
since he had supposedly been a very successful businessman, known as
something like "The Steel King of New Jersey" or some such thing, but I've
not been able to find anything about that, either. (I wonder if his having
wound up at an insane asylum might be a clue to why there perhaps was no
obituary published for him, thanks to the stigma, which would be so horribly
sad if so! Unless they were just really delayed in getting an obit printed
and I just didn't look far enough!)

So, I am at a loss here about how else I can figure out where Henry
Gottlieb is buried. Any thoughts??

Also: Henry's wife--great-great-grandmother Ida GOTTLIEB--is buried at
Grove Street Cemetery in Newark and I know exactly where she is, I have a
map. I've had a photo request up on for some months, but
wondered if anyone reading this also might be able to stop off there and
take a photo or two for me. (She died younger of a heart attack and Henry
outlived her about 21 years and remarried. I've already been told that he's
not in any of the burial records for the whole cemetery.)

Thank you!

David Perle
Washington, DC

MODERATOR NOTE: To avoid duplication of effort, if you plan to visit Newark's
Grove Street Cemetery and take photos, please contact David first.

A. E. Jordan

Not the best time of year to ask for New York area cemetery visits. We
are under a foot of old, frozen snow plus had two inches last night and
may get more the end of the week.

Allan Jordan