MALKES/MARCUS- Cleveland, Chesed Shel Emeth, The Jewish World, JD Deutsch Funeral Home #general

Mark Shapiro

On 3 Sep 2015, Roberta Solit asked, "Is there is an archive
for old issues of The Jewish World", a newspaper in Cleveland to
find the obituary of her grandfather, who died in 1917-1918. The
New York Public Library has issues of Idishe Velt, published in
Cleveland, for those years. It is in Yiddish.

Mark Shapiro
New York, NY
KRECHEVSKY >from Slonim, CZAPRAK >from Ciechanow or Nowe
Miasto, YEVISH >from Granov, TINKELMAN >from Granov,
ROZWADOWER >from Warsaw

Roberta Solit

Yesterday, after 25 years of searching, I found both the date of
death and resting place of my elusive grandfather Myer Malkes, also
known as Meyer Marcus by looking at US Wills and Probate Records on I learned that he died on or about December 31, 1917
and was buried in Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery on January 3, 1918.
His death was announced in The Jewish World, a newspaper in
Cleveland. Is there an archive for old issues of The Jewish World?
It also appeared in the NY Jewish Forward.
Are there records for the JD Deutsch Funeral Home in Cleveland?
The 20 pages of records >from the Probate court of Cleveland contain
wonderful information that answered many questions and led to new
ones. I highly recommend searching this database.
Roberta Solit
MALKES, MARCUS >from Tiraspol; RAPAPORT >from Velikiye Komyati &
Nyzhni Vorota (Vereczki), Ukraine;
SCHEIN & GREENFIELD >from Bucharest, Rom.