Seeking researcher in Rivne (Rovno), Ukraine #general

Barbara Sontz

Hello, Genners,

I am looking for a researcher who resides in or close to Rivne
(Rovno), Ukraine.

Victoria Chymshyst has been recommended to me. I have tried to
reach her at this email address:
chvica@... , but the message was returned as undeliverable.

If you have alternate contact information for Victoria, or if you
know of another reliable researcher, I would be very grateful.

Thank you and regards,
Barbara Sontz
New York, NY, USA

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mike yesnes

Check under ,look in their website for researchers
in Ukraine,Europe and etc.They are guides,bus drivers,researchers
and etc.Search by city:Kyiv,Vinnytsia,Rivine{Rovno} and etc.Good
luck in finding one you can trust and is reasonably priced.Maybe
$1,000.00 for a week and copies/travel expenses.

Mike Yesnes

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