Israel address #general

Thomas Lerman

I have been told in the past that a great grand aunt (Machle/Amelia/Amelie
Sure Reitman) and her husband (Mortiz/Morris Schmetterling) were killed
in the holocaust. However, I have not been able to find any documentation
indication this tragedy. I recently found out a possibility exists that
he divorced her, married a much younger woman, they moved to Israel,
and had a couple of children. I have been given an address, all on one line,
for one of the grandsons of my great grand aunt. Supposedly, a few of the
family passed on in Israel, but have heard the death certificates, etc.
are hard to get.

So, my questions are:
1) I would like to send a letter (know of no other way to contact) the relative
in Israel. I have what I was told is his address, but how do I format it?
I know I have not sent it as I believe it would be redacted, so may have to
send it privately to someone.

2) If my great grand aunt was killed in the holocaust, any clues to help
finding her? I have not definitively found her with a maiden name listed
and not with her husband. If they were divorced for sure, I do not know
when that happened, how to find out, if she remarried, if she died instead
of divorce, or what.

3) Is it true that the death certificates are hard to get?

Please reply privately unless of general interest.
Thank you,
Thomas Lerman
Western USA