Yiddish Forward online, but when? #general

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

I am glad that the Yiddish Forward, i.e. Forverts, is eventually going to go
online via the Historical Jewish Press website. However, the announcement
gave no indications of when this scanning project might start, and what kind
of timetable has been set up. I am doing research on Yiddish theatre, and
having the Forverts online will save me the time and expense of schlepping
into NYC each time to gather research data, etc.

Will the microfilms of the Forverts be scanned at the NYPL/Dorot Divion on
41st and 5th Ave.? Will the many issues of the newspapers go on piecemeal,
or will we have to wait till everything is done when all of the available
editions will have been scanned and uploaded to their server? I know I can
try contacting them, but I am wondering whether anyone might be able to shed
some light on this. The folks I spoke to at the NYPL yesterday--while they
might not have been the right people to ask--had no clue.

By the way, the Historical Jewish Press has many other Jewish publications
already freely online. The Yiddish-language newspapers and journals online
there are the Haynt and the Jewish Morning Journal. You can find the latter
(and links to others via a drop-down menu) at
http://jpress.org.il/Olive/APA/NLI/?action=tab&tab=browse&pub=TJM .


Steve Lasky

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

I will contact some of my acquaintances who work at the National
Library in Israel on these projects and ask.

In the meantime, I see they have a new addition of a Yiddish newspaper
from Tzarist Russia.
Kol Mevaser
Frequency: Weekly
Language: Yiddish
Period: 1862 - 1873
Country: Tsarist Russia
Section: The Yiddish Press Section
Publication Place: Odessa


Rose Feldman
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