Ellis Island Arrival Record - Shostak - 1907 #general

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Valerie Chereskin wrote:
< I have searched using every possible spelling and using Steve Morse's
directory but can not find a record of my grandmother's arrival... My
grandmother, Goldie Shostak, came >from the Ukraine with her mother Gettel or
Gittel Shostak in 1907. I found the 1910 census record for them in Lincoln
City, Nebraska and it lists their arrival as 1907. >

To find an arrival manifest knowing only one census immigration year that
may not be exact, it is necessary to obtain all possible family documents.

Goldie SHOSTAK married Harry MARKS on 09 Mar 1918 in Chicago. Her arrival
date in the 1920 and 1930 censuses is also 1907.

Goldie Marks' naturalization index card on 04 Feb 1930 in Chicago lists date
and port of arrival as Jan 20, 1907 New York, which was required to be
verified by a Certificate of Arrival.

Gitel, Rafael, Nese and Golde SCHUSTAK arrived 20 Jan 1907 on the Campania
from Liverpool to join son/brother in Lincoln, Nebraska. The family was held
for Special Inquiry and admitted on January 25.

Gitel and Goldie's ship manifest lists last residence and birthplace as
Korsan, Russia. Goldie's brother Morris on his WWI draft registration as
Mayer SHOSTAK in Lincoln said he was born in Kiev, Russia.

Meyer SHOSTAK arrived 19 May 1903 on the Patricia >from Hamburg, last
residence Kerson, Russia, destination Lincoln, Nebraska, to join his

Kherson, Russia is now Kherson, Ukraine. Valerie should list herself in
JewishGen Family Finder as a SHOSTAK >from Kherson, Ukraine (rather than Any,
Ukraine) researcher.

Without the additional documents >from Ancestry, it would not have been so
easy to find Goldie and Gitel's ship manifest. Many more family documents
remain to be found.

Bette Stoop Mas

Bruce Brown <bbrown999@...>

Ellis Island Arrival Record - Shostak - 1907

The preferred method of searching for Jewish last names in Ancestry is to
check off the "exact, sounds like, similar and soundex" option boxes OR
setting the search filter slider bar to the far left, "broad" setting.
Using findmypast.com, always check the "name variant" box. This resulted
in finding the family indexed as both SCHUSTAK and SCHOSTAK arriving NY on
the Campania January 20, 1907.

Bruce J Brown
Falls Church VA


Thanks Allan and all who helped. Another researcher found them and the
name was listed as Yettel Schostch! I never would have found it without
your help, thanks again.


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I found the 1910 census record for them in
Lincoln City, Nebraska and it lists their arrival as 1907.