: Researching: descendants of my mother's Sister Sadie in New York #general

Ilan Leibowitz

My name is Ilan Leibowitz and I'm searching for any information concerning
the descendants of my mother's Sister Sadie!
She lived in the New York area I know in the 1940's and 1950's
The following is some basic information on her and her children.
Which group or to what link can I send my request for research:

Sadie lived in New York and had 4 children. If still alive, they would be
in their 70's and early 80's. One was named Deanna and the boys were
Raymond, Buddy and another son?

Either her marriage name was Cohen or Cohen was the family name of my
Grandmother Rebecca's first marriage?

Can you possibly suggest how I might possibly locate any connections?

Thank you,
Ilan Leibowitz
Kibbutz Afikim

MODERATOR NOTE: Ilan, your first move should be to register the names and
places you are researching wih the JewishGen Family Finder:

This will let people find you and assist you with your research.