Aubrey Jacobus <aajacobus@...>

My wife's great grandmother was Debora Sara REINWASSER ( Father
Baruch ) born 1851 Belorussia?
After many years searching the very rare family name REJNWASSER with
the generous help of Listers I found in the BelarusSig database the
name Frija REJNWASSER the mother of Josef (Jankel-Leib Aronowicz. born
1902 Bialystok
The only previous example of the name Reinwasser / Rejnwasser was >from
a very large family group in USA and Canada whose ancestral home was
certainly Sejny Belorussia. I was unable to link the American/Canadian
family with Frija Rejnwasser or with our Debora Sara Reinwasser

I hope that someone with connections with the families Korner or
Aronowicz may assist in my quest.

Aubrey Jacobus