Information for Najzdinka LICHTENBERG-FINKELSTEIN #general

Rashi Rosenzweig

Dear Genners:

Najzdinka LICHTENBERG-FINKELSTEIN was my great aunt (my paternal
grandmother's younger sister). Born in Odessa to a wealthy family,
she became one of the most profound and well-respected pianists in the
Soviet Union with a PhD in piano and music theory. I believe that she
lectured at the Music Conservatory at the University of Moscow. She
resided both in Moscow and at our family's home in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Neither my father nor I ever met her as she lived and died in the
Soviet Union and never visited the States. She was in touch with our
family in England and I remember during the years of the Iron Curtain,
my great aunt Rose placed a phone call to her in the mid 1970s. My
Dad described it as one of the most dramatic things he had ever
witnessed nor did he ever see his aunt Rose ever react that way before
in his life, as neither sister saw or spoke with one another for over
5 decades at least.

Is there any way I can research her with the information that I have?
Any ideas people?

Thank you all very much and I hope to hear >from somebody soon.

Kind regards,

Rashi Rosenzweig
Ra'anana, ISRAEL