Help needed: STOLOFF and BELZIN (Lithuania) and SPECTOR (Ukraine) #general

Simon Whittaker <siwhittaker@...>

Following the bereavement of my Mother last year, I am now interested in
tracing her Jewish Ancestry routes back to my great grandparents; initially
who I believe originated >from Vilnius in Lithuania and Odessa in Ukraine
before settling in London UK. I guess that it is fairly typical that I wish
that I had asked more questions.

My Grandmother, Leah STOLOFF, parents were Annie BELZIN (born 1874 in Russia
from UK records) and Alick (Alexander?) Stoloff (Stolov?). I believe that my
late Mother had said that her maternal grand parents originated >from
Vilnius. The earliest record that I can find in the UK is the birth of their
oldest daughter Rachel Stoloff in 1894 in London so they would have
travelled to the UK before that time.

My Grandfather Morris Specter was born 20 Oct 1896 in Russia >from UK records
to his parents Simon SPECTOR (b. 1873-) and Millie Spector (b. 1874); it
seems that the name Spector was morphed into Specter >from UK Census records.
I understand that they originated >from Odessa, and the second child, Morris'
younger brother Hyman was born 1900 in London, so I assume that they would
have travelled to UK between 1896 and 1900.

I hope that somebody will be able to confirm if I have the Lithuanian and
Ukrainian branches correctly identified and please share any leads on how I
can take my research further?

Thanks in advance

Best regards
Simon Whittaker
London, UK

Shelley Mitchell

Simon Wittaker requested suggestions. Here are mine:

First suggestion: when you go to Jewishgen databases, don't limit
yourself to where your grandparents said they were from.

My grandfather said he was >from Kiev and my grandmother said she was
from Odessa. Wrong. They were just naming major cities. Turned out my
grandfather was >from what is now Moldavia and my grandmother lived in a
small town in Podolsk not far >from Odessa. But now that boundaries have
changed, I had to look for my grandmother in the Ukraine. The capital of
Ukraine is Kiev and for years I was lost looking for my grandfather there.

Second suggestion: the ship manifests >from Russia should say who they
left behind and what town that person was in. Some might indicate the
town they departed from; not their home town. I don't know what the
British version of those manifests would say.

Good Luck.

Shelley Mitchell