Wording in Birth, Death, & Marriage Records #general

Alan Seid

Dear Group,

I would like to understand the usage of the Latin words "recte" and
"false" in Birth, Death, & Marriage records. The Latin words are used
between surnames.

recte means correctly
false means wrongly

Birth record example:
Elukim SEIDENWERK born 16 Apr 1895 at Zloczow
Bekenne mich zur Vaterschaft Hersch Leib Dimant false Seidenwerk als Zeuge
Leon Warschitz
I declare to be the father Hersch Leib Dimant wrongly Seidenwerk as witness
Leon Warschitz

In the above example the Latin word "false" is used between two surnames

Thank you
Alan Seid

Shelley Mitchell

Alan Seid wants to know about the use of recte and false. I believe
it is very simple but a common question. False means only a religious
marriage so the second name is "not the husband under civil law."
Recte means the opposite. They had a civil ceremony and so the wife
may use the husband's last name.

Shelley Mitchell