What could the name DRAHOFF have been in Russia? #general

Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen <pattitwirler@...>

Reading about the need for Russian language interpreter which reminds me of
a problem. The family story says the name was changed by a grandfather when
he fled.

DRAHOFF- changed >from what???

DRAHOFF, Alexander abt 1860 Poland
DRAHOFF, William Wasyl- 1880 Poland, Minsk, Russia- 1919 Toronto, Ontario
DRAHOFF, William Alexander Vincent- 1907 Toronto, Ontario or Philadelphia,
PA- 1975 British Columbia ( wife Eleanor Mary CHASE)

Any suggestions about what this name might have been changed from????

Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

dprice dprice

According to A. Beider's meaning of Jewish Surnames >from the Russian Empire the
closest surname I could find is DRAGIV (Lutsk) >from the village of Dorohow
(Dorogiv in Ukrainian) (Stanislawow d. of eastern galicia) (DRAGIF/DRAGIJ)

david price
researching: PRAJS of Drogolow, Poland