Ode to Finchleystrasse, Cosmos [sic] restaurant in NW London in the early 1940s : actually Cosmo #general


The link below is still live and might add flavour to the written sources


[Ode to Finchleystrasse Episode 3 of Journeys down my Street]

Shulamit Spain, Scotland=

Aubrey Jacobus <aajacobus@...>

For those of us who were around in NW London during the war - this area was
known as British West Hampstead.

The Viennese never lost there love of their home town and the lovely old
friend who until he died last year only read books in German although he left
Vienna as a young teenager.

Aubrey Jacobus


Thanks to Shulamit for the link to this very interesting radio program. It is
the first time I heard it although it was originally aired in 2013. I remember
the Cosmo Restaurant so well as I worked at Swiss Cottage Library for over 30
years and would sometimes have lunch there. I recall some of the characters
mentioned and also their faces and also the waiters who were just as
interesting to observe as the customers. I doubt if they would remember me as
I was just a lunchtime observer although I should imagine most of the regular
customers are no longer around as they were generally getting on a bit. It was
my job to call on people for non returned items and I had the opportunity to
meet many of the local community in their homes. One I vividly remember meeting
in the early 1980's, was a very elderly gentleman, Peter Bornstein who I spent
a long time talking to about his playing the violin in a quartet with Albert
Einstein in pre war Germany. He showed me pictures of them playing together and
also of him playing the violin on tour with Isadora Duncan dancing. He said
that Einstein could not count, that is musically. and would always come in at
the wrong moment. It was a great joke that they shared as he knew Einstein well
as a regular member of their musical quartet. When it closed up some of the
crowd who used to frequent the Cosmo then went to the Swiss Cottage Library,
which is a huge modern building just down the road and used it as a meeting
place and I would often see their faces in deep discussion at the library.
Time moves on but for me that particular space in Finchley road will always
be reserved for the Cosmo and its customers.

I am registered with jewishgen digest as researching my maternal grandparents
family who were >from Gorwaczow

Paul Loften

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