Seeking info on Frances BASKIN GORELICK of Illinois, then Detroit in 1930s-1940s #general

Stephen Cohen

Decades ago, my late grandmother told me of a cousin named Frances, born in
Illinois, whose mother (maiden name COOPERMAN) was a relative of my KUPERMAN family
from Goworowo and environs, northeastern Poland; the father's name was unknown. I
had no more information than this. This weekend I finally discovered the following
Francis (sometimes Fannie) BASKIN, born in 1915 somewhere in Illinois to Sara(h)
COOPERMAN and George BASKIN, both born in "Russia", may be a distant relative on my

Her father died between 1915 and 1920 (as per 1920 US Census), and the mother, Sara
COOPERMAN BASKIN, remarried Morris KAPLOVITZ and moved >from Illinois to Detroit,
Michigan by 1930 (as per 1930 US Census). In the 1930s Frances married Jack
GORELICK in Detroit (marriage application shows COOPERMAN as mother's maiden name).
By 1940 Morris KAPLOVITZ also passed away, and Sara used the BASKIN surname again
(as per US Census).

I am seeking Sara COOPERMAN BASKIN KAPLOVITZ's gravestone, death certificate,
immigration record, or even a marriage application to determine Sara's parents'
names (and explore the COOPERMAN link to my family).

If anyone has any knowledge of these people, please contact me. I have asked my
elderly relatives (not of the COOPERMAN side) with ties to Detroit, and they do not
recall this family.


Stephen M. Cohen
(Central New Jersey)