What Yiddish or Hebrew name? #general

Barbara Sloan <bj1friends@...>

My great-grandmother, who lived in what is now Belarus, is referred to
as "Ida" in family records. I'm guessing that this may have been an
Americanized version of her name. If so, what is her likely Yiddish or Hebrew name?

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

MODERATOR NOTE: The JewishGen Given Names Database (JNDB) would be a great place to
go for suggestions of names >from "English" to Hebrew or Yiddish or vice-versa!

Barbara Sloan <bj1friends@...>

Thanks to the many Jewish Genners who sent me the names of "their"
Ida's. This will be a great help as I move forward.

There were a number of versions of Chaya, Ita, Etta, Yehudit, Yidis,
Chana, Maida and Hinda.

One person even gave me a hint on another family member's name that I
hadn't thought to ask about.

This is a great group!

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC, USA