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Roman Ravve

Hi everyone!

The last couple of years I help the friends of mine to search for
their ancestors >from Berdichev. I work with the collections in
archives of Ukraine. Let me give you the brief description of the
resources, they have on Berdichev.

The National Archive of Kiev Oblast (

1. The All-Russian Census family lists >from 1897, including about 40
000 of jewish inhabitants of Berdichev and some 20 000 more from
Berdichev county. This lists contain the information of peoples
occupation, literacy, language, origination, health condition, place
of living and much more.

2. Military Census of 1875 for Berdichev county and city. It contains
the male only family lists.

3. 1858 Census family lists for Berdichev county

4. 1834 Census for Machnovetsky (future Berdichevski)county and
Berdichev Kagal.

The Central National Historical Archive in Kiev (

This archive stored the metric records >from all Kiev Province, but
Berdichev is limited only to the some 1845-1849 records.

The following are the most interesting Files on Berdichev stored in
this archive:

- The lists of Jews in the villages of Berdichev district (1882).
- The lists of Berdichev Jewish community (1852)
- The lists of Berdichev Synagogues visitors (1848)
- The list of jews conscripts of Berdichev (1833)
- The list of jews for Machnovetsky (Berdichevski)county (1808).
- The lists of Jews of Berdichev Kagal, who suffered losses (1790-91).

The National Archive of Zhitomir Oblast (

This is the main repository for Berdichev city (and the former Volyn
Province), including City Council, Police, Education, Taxation,
Courts, Notary records and so much more.

Specifically for jewish Berdichev can be mentioned:

1. Berdichev merchants, commoners (1822, 1847)

2. The applications of the jews >from Austria and Prussia to attach
them to the jewish community of Berdichev (1804-1860).

3. Residents list for 1874. Passports of jews - the Polish citizens
residing in Russia. (>from city Police service).

4. The list of landowners and factory owners of Berdichev county
(some 1860s)

5. The metric book for births in 1916.

Unfortunately, the archive in Berdichev has been damaged several times
during the war times and the remaining records condition is far from

The Moscow State Library (

Also, I use "All Russia" Business Directories and Local
Address-Calendars, stored mainly in Libraries in Russian Federation,
covers 1890s - early 1900s. There can be information of the business
owners, the addresses, occupation.

Berdichev city and county address-calendars preserved for 1898, 1900
and 1901 years.

All mentioned above institutions work remotely, accept email requests,
and sending digital copies. The problem can be the limited English
speaking abilities, computer skills of the employees, local banking
accounts and the extensive terms to proceed the requests. That is why,
I prefer to employ the third party researchers to search through the
records, that making the process more efficient in terms of the time
and manageability.

Roman Ravve

POZNANSKY (Kamenetz-Podolsky, Kiev)
TREBUKOV (Gomel, Kharkov, Leningrad)
GUTMAN (Mozyr, Skrygalovka, Kiev)
RAVVE (Ananiev, Hashevate, Harbin)
NERUBAY (Fastov, Andrushevka)

MODERATOR NOTE: The linked sites are in Russian and Ukrainian. The
Russian State Library site and the Zhytomyr State Archives site have
links to English language versions.

Janette Silverman

Roman wrote that:
The last couple of years I help the friends of mine to search for
their ancestors >from Berdichev..
The National Archive of Kiev Oblast (

Ukraine SIG has been hard at work translating and indexing some records
from Berdichev over the last few years. Thanks to Alex Kopelberg and
many other volunteers who worked on these, there are over 8,100 people
from the 1858 Revision List whose information has been indexed. These
are searchable through the JewishGen Databases.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator