Finding a person with in a census ad/ed? #general

A. E. Jordan

This might be odd, but do any of the search tools let you specify a census AD/ED
and search for people within that area?

I have the name of the person and the address they were living at on a 1920
naturalization paper. They are the witness not the person naturalizing. The
address is one of those lovely street names that shows in multiple parts of New
York City but no longer exists today.

Through some detective work and subterfuge I have the AD/ED but I am looking for a
fairly common name and I do not see it or the actual address on a first scan of the
1920 Census.

What I am hoping is that one of the search tools lets me specify the AD/ED to
search and then I can play with it to see if they are in fact living in that area.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

Allan Jordan

A. E. Jordan

I had asked any of the search tools let you specify a census AD/ED and search for
people within that area?

A lot of people suggested the tools on the Morse One Step page but that only lets
you find the AD/ED if you already know the address. Often it gives you multiple
AD/ED to look at and sometimes misses entirely. Morse does not have a tool that
combines the AD ED and the name.

It's a little complicated multi-step process but someone figured out the missing
piece and as it turns out it is simple. If you know the Assembly District if you
type of example "Bronx Assembly District 1" just like that with the quotes in the
keyword search it works on Ancestry.

So how do you use that?

I had an address for a person as a witness on a naturalization >from 1920 but a
search for the person using the name on Ancestry with the borough was not turning
him up. I did not have his age or his wife or anything like that since all I have
was the witness name but he was the brother of the person being naturalized.

I used the Morse One Step tool to find the Assembly District but it was giving me
several targets based on the cross streets I supplied and the Census when I tried
to scan the pages was very scatter. The street numbers did not seem to be in order
even when they were recorded the street in question and they kept moving >from that
street to another, etc. and to make matters worse I was looking for a common name

So here's my suggested search step.

Use the address in question and the tools of the maps or the Morse One Step and get
the target Assembly District.

On Ancestry I filled in the last name, put the place the person lived as Brooklyn
to which it suggests Brooklyn, Kings County, NY which I accepted. And in the
keyword field I put in the "Assembly District X" information and the search brings
the person right up as the second result in question. By looking at the census I
could confirm he was living at the same address he gave on his witness statement
for the naturalization.

Now I have his wife's name, children's name, age, etc.

I am sure it will not always work but I am going to remember this as another
search trick for hard to find people.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me.

Allan Jordan