Looking for Grave of Yehuda Goor (Grazovsky) in Israel #general

Jerry Zevin

I would like to thank the following people who helped me with my search for the
gravesite of Yehuda Goor (Grazovsky). Daniel Horowitz >from MyHeritage pointed me to
all the records and pictures MyHeritage has about Yehuda Goor. Dahn Cukier provided
me with the exact location of the grave in Trumpledor cemetery as well as
translating the obituary of Yehuda Goor. Maida Dacher contacted me to put me in
touch with a living descendant of Yehuda Goor. Nancy Holden for guiding me through
the process of uncovering so much wonderful information about my genealogy.
Jerry Zevin
Irvine, CA

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Asher <aarbit1@...>

I hope that this reply will be useful to other researchers with similar questions.

There are two easy ways to get this information.
1) The records of the Trumpeldor cemetery are available on-line at www.kadisha.biz.
You need to use Internet Explorer, not Chrome. Yehuda Gur Gresovsky son of Isaiah
Reuben is buried in section 1, area D, row 18, grave 12. He is buried next to his
wife, Rachel.

2) The entire cemetery has been photographed and is available on-line for free at
www.billiongraves.com. You need to type the name in Hebrew (yod-heh-vav-deled-heh
gimel-vav-resh). There are nice clear photographs and transcriptions of both
Yehuda's gravestone and Rachel's gravestone.

Asher Arbit

Dahn Cukier

To All,

When looking for a grave in Israel, please supply either
The father's name
The date of buriel/death

If looking for a grave, the Chevra Kadisha is a must, but calls can be made
to surrounding districts. There are over 200 Chevrot Kadisha.

In this case, I may have found the location, and will write the person

Dahn Cukier

Jerry Zevin

Looking for Grave of Yehuda Goor (Grazovsky): I'm trying to
locate the grave of Yehuda Grozovsky in Israel. I believe he is buried
at Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv. Any help in confirming the cemetery
and identifying the Row and Plot for his gravesite would be much

Jerry Zevin, Irvine, CA