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Hi Tamara,

This is the Gneisenau ship list for 27 Dec 1938 from Bremen to Shanghai. If you find your father on it, you can also click the More button to the far right of his name for possible additional information.,%20China&lang=en

If your father is not on this particular list, here is the link to all recorded passenger embarkations from Breman to Shanghai 1920-1939 where I found the above record.

You can search the site by "Family name", "Shipnames", etc. via the links down the left side. I found the Hess family departure by clicking Shipnames, then Gneisenau, and then searching that list for all departures to Shanghai. You will see there were only four 1938 departures on the Gneisenau from Bremen to Shanghai (11Jan,12Jul,4Oct,27Dec) so it is great you know when he travelled. 

Good luck with your search. Let me know if I can assist.

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My father and his family travelled on the Gneisenau departed Bremen, Germany and arrived Shanghai, China sometime in late 1938. I see you found a passenger list, and I would like to see if he and his family is on the list. I found the passenger list from his ship traveling from Shanghai to San Francisco.
Is there a way you could provide me with this list or where I might be able to find it please.
Thank you,
Tamara Lindemann

Karen Schneider <kgschneider@...>

Dr. Otto Hess (1874-?) apparently died in Shanghai, China. His tombstone had been
moved, then lost and finally accidentally refound in 2001 and became part of a
project to find, identify and preserve more missing tombstones. The stone has a
Star of David on the top and the translated German inscription says he was born in
1874 and includes the word Austria.

After researching several records and genealogy sites, I finally found a lead. On
27 Dec 1938 the ship Gneisenau departed Bremen, Germany and arrived Shanghai,
China. The passenger list shows a Dr. Otto HESS, age 64, status married,
nationality German, occupation doctor, place of residence Dessau, Saxony, Germany
and that he was a Jewish emigrant.

The next line down shows a Leni HESS, age 49, status married, nationality German,
place of residence Dessau, and also a Jewish emigrant. It would seem Leni was
probably Otto's wife.

Any clues or suggestions would be appreciated. I am hoping to connect with someone
who knows of the family or get advice on further research. I am currently going
through German marriage records but it's hard to know where they would have been
married. Could have been Dessau or someplace else in Germany or possibly even
Austria. I also do not know Leni's full name or when they were married. And the
Hess surname is quite a common one in the records.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts! Feel free to contact me via a reply on this
site or through my outside email: kgschneider@...
Karen Schneider

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