Vilna-Belarus: Shtetl-Based Tree Now Available #general

Adam Cherson

Dear Vilna and Belarus Area Researchers,

After several months of intensive data crunching, the initial phase of
the Divenishok (Dieveniskes) Ancestral Tree (DAT) is complete. There are
over 6,000 individual entries on the tree, each one documented and
sourced, some including photographs and papers. The entries are sourced
from the Divenishok Yizkor Book, the All Lithuania Database, the Yad
Vashem Database, Devenishker Verein records, and individual family

A list of surnames in the DAT is available here:

Anyone having, or having reason to believe there is, an ancestor in
Divenishok or one of the immediately neighboring communities of
Benakani, Eshishok, Gavya, Heranion, Ivya, Kalelishok, Lipnishok,
Olshan, Radin, Soletchnik, Subotnik, Traby, Vishneva, Volozhin,
Voronova, Yashuni, or Yuratishki, is well advised to include the DAT in
their research routine.

For more information about accessing the full DAT please visit the
Dieveniskes Kehilalinks site:

Best Wishes and Good Results,
Adam Cherson
Data Manager: Divenishok Ancestral Tree
Website Manager: Dieveniskes Kehilalinks